For this project, we were tasked with emulating a photo series of a professional photographer. The photographer I chose is Martin Klimas. The reason that I chose Martin is because I am impressed with his ability to take incredible photos that are frozen in motion.  The work he has done with flower vases and porcelain figures, creating freeze frames of those objects being smashed an shot, are full of both beauty and chaos, yet bring the 2 together perfectly to create amazing artwork. For my final project, I wanted to emulate his flower vases series in order to recreate the same theme of chaos and beauty coming together to create freeze frame photos. After doing some tweaking on the design, I built a base that had a fence post cap adhered to it, which acted as the impact point for the vases. I then used a high shutter speed and continuous shot to caputure the moment when the vase hit the post cap and began to shatter. 

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